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Wall of BBQ pictures and videos

Boston Butt Smoked in an electric smoker using apple and hickory wood pellets from
Oakwood Pellets, BBQ Pellets, cooking pellets
Used Oak wood pellets for grilling porkchops
Smoked Porkloin with with a Sriracha rub
Porkloin, BBQ pork, pellet grilling, pellet smoker, Sriracha rub,
Cold Smoking cheese
Cold smoking cheese
 Smoked ribs
Smoked ribs
Cold smoking cheese
More cold smoke cheese

 Smoking Porkloin
Beef brisket, brisket rub,
Brisket for the smoker
Smoked brisket, BBQ brisket,
Sliced smoked brisket
Pork Butt smoked on a pelletgrill using Applewood pellets plenty of bark on this one!
Applewood pellets Pork Butt
Beef Burgers cooked with Oak and Maple Hardwood Pellets
Maple Hardwood Pellets, Oak Hardwood Pellets, Burgers, beef