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Welcome to Southern BBQ Supply! We are home to the best barbecue wood pellets you can use in your pellet grill, barbecue grill or smoker. Our high-quality pellets are 100% pure organic wood with no additives, binders or adhesives. Wood pellets are easy to manage and control in your grill, making them a great choice for any pit master or novice home cook. Our all natural wood pellets burn cleaner with less ash and mess then wood chips and, they produce a much greater smoke flavor. Choose from Hickory, Cherry, Maple or Oak for your next barbecue. 

Our wood pellets come in  10 or 20 pound bags. For a variety or as a gift, try our 8 pound combo pack, you will receive four different wood pellet flavors 2lbs each, packaged separately so you can decide if and how you want to mix flavors.

check out the About Us page for flavor recommendations! 

Also check out the wall of BBQ for pictures and videos using the hardwood pellets in  various types of grills and smokers.

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