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Southern BBQ pellets in an Orion Smoker

Using Southern BBQ Pellets when smoking meat is one of the best ways to get the delicious smoke flavor you are looking for.

I prepared a boston butt the night prior to
smoking in a meat tenderizer.I like injecting the butt with the tenderizer, put a few slices in the fat layer on top and, pour the rest of the bottle over it.

Then cover it with foil and put in the fridge overnight.
In the morning I drained the leftover tenderizer and, applied a rub making sure also to get it in all the slices I made.
We packed Southern BBQ Pellets around the water pan in the Orion Smoker, put the butt in, lit it and waited.
We took the butt off approx 6 1/2 hrs when the Smoker hit about 205 degrees the meat was literally falling off the bone!!!!

I wanted to note that because we were using an Orion Smoker, I did not have to wrap the butt in foil once it reached 165 degrees as the Orion Smoker is pretty well sealed and contains the moister in the smoker quite well.

I have used wood chips on plenty of occasions, but the pellets produce plenty of good smoke.

I really like the pellets too because they already have some moisture sealed inside of them so there would be no need to soak them in water like you do wood chips

Bottom line: better smoke, better flavor, easier to clean up!



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