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What to look for in quality hardwood pellets

When you spend the time to smoke a brisket,boston butt, ribs, fish or whatever you choose, you want to get the best smoke flavor you can!! Our wood pellets can help with this. We offer 100% pure Organic pellets no mixes.
These pellets do not have alder or other cheap fillers as you may find in lower cost pellets which will undoubtedly change your flavor. Southern BBQ Supply pellets are all natural wood NO Additives, NO Binders and, NO Oil Scents.
Oil Scent can make the pellets smell good when the package is opened, however many times the pellets will have minimal favor.
Many times you will see inexpensive pellets with flavor labels which indicate that they are "pecan" or other desired wood flavors, natural it seems like a great deal! Make sure to read the entire contents as many times there is as little 20%  of the wood you are looking for and the rest is "cheap filler wood"

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