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Cold Smoking Cheese

Here is a simple easy article on cold smoking cheeses.

First off YUM!

Really the process was very easy, a lot in part because it was around 45 degrees outside at the time and not 90 degrees.

Being that it was cooler outside it won't run such a risk of melting while you aren't watching.

We smoked 3 types of cheeses:
Sharp cheddar, mozzarella and gouda cheese, all great choices still have more flavors or types to try.

I noted on some websites they made it sound pretty difficult using a variety of ways such as charcoal, you have to be careful how you light them and hope they don't create to much heat.

The pellet smoking version was VERY easy, first I filled the "smoking wedgie" with a mix of Oak and Cherry you can use most flavors however and, have great results. next I lit it with a blow torch ( the fastest way to light the Wedgie)
Finally I put the cheese on the grill.
Since the pellets didn't produce all that much heat it was a prefect solution for smoking cheese!

Once the cheese had smoked for approx 2 hours I pulled it off the smoker wiped off any "sweat" that comes out of the cheese, then wrapped in wax paper and put in the fridge to rest for 3-4 days.

This resting period is very necessary as you will find the cheese to have an almost unbearable smoke flavor.
Generally after 3-4 days and sometimes up to 7 days the smoke has soaked in and the end product is absolutely delicious!!!

My take away:
The process was incredibly easy and I must note the pellets produced a lot of smoke and left very little ash as opposed to wood chips or chunks, this I was thrilled about.

Remember you don't have to soak pellets as they naturally seal in moisture.Prep

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